Weaving Appalachia: Education – a case study preview 2021

The development of an affordable housing complex with on-site, income-based licensed childcare provides brought a crucial two-generation resources to rural Appalachian parents seeking higher education. The project is possible because of high-capacity organizations bringing financial acumen, collaborative expertise, and programmatic experience. The outcomes for student parents, their children, and their communities include increased educational attainment, early childhood development, and transformations in the expectations parents have for their future opportunities for themselves and their families.

“One of the biggest motivations to go back to school was my son. Not only am I pursuing my dreams for industrial psychology, but my son has the opportunity to pursue his dreams because he’s going to be an attendee of the Head Start. The Eastern Scholar House is a blessing. I wouldn’t be here without their support.”

-ESH Resident

Eastern Scholar House is a 39-unit apartment complex sited adjacent to the campus of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) in Richmond, KY on land leased from the university. It is not student housing, however the location is convenient for residents attending EKU. Program participants attend a number of universities in the region. Co-located is a childcare center run by Kentucky River Foothills Development Council (KRFDC) for children up to age 5 years. The beautiful outdoor play area is in view of the apartments.

The program provides affordable housing, access to an income-based certified child development facility and also offers on-site access to counseling services, life skills workshops, and one-stop support for college students navigating financial aid and other administrative hurdles. Students accepted to the program may qualify for rental assistance based on income.

Case Study Preview 2021 Weaving Appalachia Education

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