Weaving Appalachia – Leadership in Letcher County


Fahe is one of the six Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that makes up the Partners for Rural Transformation’s steering committee. Comprised of a network of 50+ nonprofits across the Appalachian portions of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Maryland, the Fahe Network empowers the people and communities they serve with resources, opportunities, and tools needed to build a better life.

Last month, Fahe released a case study entitled “Weaving Appalachia-Leadership in Letcher County.” The report documents the importance of leadership in the Fahe Network and how local leaders are woven into their communities in an impactful way extending well beyond their professional duties.

While the case study focuses primarily on Seth Long, Executive Director of Fahe Member H.O.M.E.S., his story represents how local leaders across the Fahe Network leverage their existing resources to maximize their impact.

Local leaders are one of Appalachia’s greatest assets, yet they are often overlooked for funding and investment opportunities because of a perceived notion that they are a risky investment. This perceived risk arises from a lack of experience working in rural places and has created a perception that areas of persistent poverty lack capacity to handle investments and move capital.

As a backbone organization, Fahe is unique in their ability to bring and effectively deploy capital to boots on the ground leadership throughout Appalachia. Fahe’s investment in Membership organizations and local leaders like H.O.M.E.S and Long, has the potential to transform and uplift persistent poverty areas.

“Weaving Appalachia” is the first in a series of case studies by Fahe which documents the work of Members and partners throughout Appalachia. Read the full “Weaving Appalachia” case study.

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