PRT IN SOLIDARITY: Echoing Support for HAC’s Rental Assistance and Mortgage Comments

Partners for Rural Transformation (PRT) fully supports the ideas of our national partner, the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), to support and protect rural renters, rural housing, and rural communities. PRT echoes HAC recommendations re: Decoupling Section 521 Rental Assistance  Section 515 Mortgages:

  1. Make Long Term Affordability Parameters a Priority

  2. Consider a Pilot Program

  3. Clarify the Annual Rent Increase Process

  4. Establish a Plan for Units Without Rental Assistance

  5. Maintain Support for the Entire Suite of Preservation Programs

  6. Establish a Plan for Prepayments

  7. Improve Data Transparency

PRT appreciates the opportunity to comment. Click here to read our full comment!

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