“No One Is Coming to Save Us”: Forging Paths to Native Financial Sovereignty

This article is the fifth article in our series—The Promise of Targeted Universalism: Community Leaders Respond—that NPQ is publishing in partnership with the national economic justice advocacy network Prosperity Now. In this series, writers will examine how targeted universalism—a narrative framework that advocates the use of targeted approaches to achieve universal goals—can inform efforts to close the racial wealth gap, community by community.

At Oweesta—a national Native community development financial institution (CDFI) intermediary—have been privileged to watch the birth, growth, and increasing maturity of the Native financial sovereignty moment. Led by Native CDFIs, the Native financial sovereignty movement acknowledges that nothing will change for Native communities without Native families having access to homeownership and Native small businesses having access to capital.

Read the full article here:  https://nonprofitquarterly.org/no-one-is-coming-to-save-us-forging-paths-to-native-financial-sovereignty/?mc_cid=bba34c03b9&mc_eid=a30c5af093 


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