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A few months ago cdcb was announced as one of six winnersof the Wells Fargo/Enterprise Community Partners “Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge” for our MiCASiTA program. MiCASiTA is intended to be a disruption and solution to providing affordable homeownership opportunities to the lowest income families in persistent poverty locations across the nation. cdcb is located in the persistent poverty region of the Rio Grande Valley, however, we are very aware that we can’t solve the homeownership conundrum across the nation without help from partners engaged in this work around the nation. We want to create a new system and process that is more affordable for low-income families and is a culturally, economically and environmentally fit for each region. In order for that to happen we need you as Cultural Technical Assistance Advisors.

I am inviting each of you to join us for a few informational session to learn about MiCASiTA and how you can help us meet this goal. cdcb understands that there is no “free lunch” and your time, knowledge, and talents are valuable. Thus, cdcb has budgeted to compensate up to 16 people/groups that decide to join our team and help disrupt and create a new solution for affordable homeownership in persistent poverty locations. We have scheduled two different sessions, presented two different times before the holidays. Session 1 is an overview of MiCASiTA project and Session 2 is a deeper dive into MiCASiTA with a focus on more Q&A for the questions you may have and not answered in Session 1.
We NEED YOUR HELP, Please Join us.

Nick Mitchell-Bennett
cdcb Executive Director
Tuesday, January 12
10 – 11 AM Central Time
Tuesday, January 19
10 – 11 AM Central Time


Thursday, January 14
10 – 11 AM Central Time
Thursday, January 21
10 – 11 AM Central Time

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