Breaking the Cycle: PRT’s Position on Updating OMB Standards

With the continuous disinvestment in robust data collection in rural and persistently poor communities, a cyclical pattern has been created for federal program designs and implementation, further disadvantaging these areas. Having inaccurate demographic data leads to inequitable reporting. Inequitable reporting leads to inaccurate hypotheses, speculative program design, and inefficient implementation, finally leading to decreased success in intervening and assisting rural America.

PRT advocates for the following:

  • PRT Supports the 1-Question Format
  • PRT Supports Detailed Race & Ethnicity Collection: Figure 2
  • PRT Supports Separate Minimum Required Category MENA
  • PRT Supports Timely Implementation & Going Above Guidance
  • PRT Supports Evaluation of New Standards

With the above recommendations, PRT strongly believes that more individuals in rural America, and those in Rural America who identify with one or more ethnicity, will be encouraged to accurately and proudly provide their information on federal forms. PRT also believes that with individuals feeling more empowered to own their identity, that reports, analyses, program design, and implementation at the state and federal level will provide more accurate, equitable, granular data. This improved data will aid in better informing the next steps in transforming rural American communities from areas of persistent poverty to areas of persistent prosperity and opportunity.


For more context, read PRT’s full comment here: PRT OMB Comment

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