Standing in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community

Partners for Rural Transformation joins with our Founding Member RCAC on this statement of Solidarity with the AAPI community.

RCAC stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Recent acts of violence against AAPI community members, including specifically targeting elderly and women AAPI, have starkly revealed anti-Asian hate in our nation. We denounce the false narrative placing blame for the COVID-19 virus on the AAPI community. Accountability begins with language, and this false narrative is directly responsible for inciting acts of domestic terrorism, evil and hate against AAPI. We stand with victims, survivors, families and all AAPI community members. They deserve to live without the threat of violence and to feel safe in all communities and workplaces.

AAPI communities have a deep and vibrant history, and we celebrate the contributions they have made to our country, even while enduring discrimination and, in some cases, internment. We acknowledge that there is much work to do to disrupt and dismantle structural inequities, gender bias and racism, as well as our individual and collective roles in language and culture that feed violent and evil acts. We are all responsible to do our part to end this vicious cycle.

Our continued work must break down stereotypes, scapegoating and finger pointing. And we must use our resources to ensure that our AAPI staff, communities and partners are safe.

RCAC pledges to continue and deepen our diversity, equity and inclusion work and journey; to have hard and uncomfortable conversations; to educate ourselves about those who come from different backgrounds and cultures; and to speak up against racism, gender bias and xenophobia, in whatever form it takes.

We have all faced tremendous pressures during this past long and difficult year, and the pandemic and racial injustices illuminated vast inequities in our communities. We are called to reflect on our collective responsibility, to come together in our shared humanity and to act to eradicate injustice and inequity.

As we have said before, this work will never be finished. But we will continue, as individuals and an organization, to strengthen our work with and commitment to our communities and partners.

To report acts of hate against AAPI communities, please go to:

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