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Partners for Rural Transformation Emphasizes Importance of the Rural Partnership Program

The proposed Rural Partnership Program (RPP) is a game-changing way of investing in local leaders in the most economically distressed rural communities in this country.

It is a critical opportunity for investment in 395 persistently poor counties throughout the Unites States, the majority of which are rural areas, small communities, and home to a significant population of people of color. Low- and moderate- income communities of color and tribal nations in economically distressed rural areas and small cities for too long have been unable to reach their full potential, as existing federal support is fragmented.

RPP funding can facilitate access to healthy food in existing food deserts, clean water, affordable housing, healthcare, and broadband. It is also an important tool to facilitate resiliency to natural disaster and other climate changes, and support local economies that are shifting in response. In sum, RPP has the potential to reduce existing inequities, create broader access, strengthen local economies, and enable low- and moderate-income individuals to thrive by delivery funding efficiently to high performing locally grounded organizations.

PRT applauds Congress’ commitment to funding RPP in the reconciliation package and appreciates the tireless work of Chairman Scott, Chairwoman Stabenow, Reps. Bustos, Craig and Delgado, and Sens. Baldwin, Durbin, Gillibrand, Kelly, Smith and Warnock in championing the need for change in how we support rural communities and encourage all lawmakers to support this important program. We look forward to working with lawmakers and USDA to implement this historic investment in rural communities. Read the official release here.

About Partners for Rural Transformation:

The Partners for Rural Transformation represents six Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Communities Unlimited, cdcb | come dream. come build, Fahe, Oweesta Corporation, HOPE Credit Union and Enterprise Corporation, and Rural Community Assistance Corporation, that serve three-quarters of the country’s persistent poverty counties, communities that are overwhelmingly rural and people of color. With headquarters in the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia, Native American communities, the Deep South, the Rio Grande Valley, and regions in the Rural West, the Partners for Rural Transformation has a unique lens on the range of challenges these communities face, solutions to them, and deep connections with diverse local leaders who are dedicated to creating change. Learn more by visiting


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