Building wealth by providing access to safe, sanitary, and affordable housing has been cdcb’s mission for the past 45+ years. We know firsthand our community is made up of individuals that are hopeful, persistent, entrepreneurial, resourceful, creative, and resilient.

Nevertheless, individuals and families residing in the Borderlands are still subject to the compounding effects of long-standing income poverty and a prevalence of chronic physical disease. This persistent poverty is caused by years of federal, state, and local disinvestment, structural racism and inadequate policies that hinder low-income individuals, families, and communities from accessing vehicles to build wealth.

cdcb’s hyper-attention on individual PEOPLE has given us the deep understanding of the big picture changes needed in Local, State and Federal legislation, rule-making and funding POLICY in order to increase the POWER to elevate our region out of Persistent Poverty to a region of Persistent Prosperity.

people. policy. power. “p3” plans to highlight issues facing low-income families living on the border by producing:

  • Evidenced based individual issue “Fact Sheets”,
  • Local, State and Federal Policy recommendations,
  • Educational webinars, listening sessions, discussions and
  • Blog posts, articles, and videos.

Follow us on your favorite social media outlet, share our thoughts and engage with the discussion. Welcome to people. policy. power. “p3”.

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