Jose Quinonez

Jose Quinonez is a civil rights activist with a strong passion for persistent poverty eradication, community impact, racial equity, social inclusion, and latinx issues. He brings extensive experience in a senior position in poverty alleviation programs, housing, humanitarian assistance, emergency relief, advocacy,and volunteer mobilization and engagement. He has over 35 years of international program management, monitoring and evaluation, participatory training, and organizational and community capacity-building.

In April 2020, Jose joined as the Project Director of the Partners for Rural Transformation and will be responsible for providing thought leadership and initiative to strategically engage PRT members to: implement the strategic plan and other evolving priorities; coordinate the collective and individual efforts of the member organizations; develop/expand the group’s reputation and influence; and identify and generate opportunities to engage philanthropic, government and financial institutions in dialogues that can result in policies and resources to eradicate persistent rural poverty.